This exciting new feature is optional to play. It starts at $3000 Guaranteed. This $5 option can be taken by any player during entry only on Hold’em only games as described in the game format/information. It cannot be taken on a Re-entry or rebuy.

Jackpots are not live until the commencement of the fourth hand for all event starts and from the 4th hand for any new tables opened to ensure randomness of the deck. For final table and after breaks this does not apply as the Tournament Director/Dealers will ensure that all decks are randomised.

The Royal Flush Jackpot is paid out as per the previous days total.

All monies taken for jackpots are held in the jackpot fund and redistributed to players through jackpot claims. The fund pays for all three jackpots types. Only one jackpot of each type can be paid in any one day per each venue.

Example 1:
Quad Aces can be paid out at MEX Thursday and Blackbutt Thursday games. But it cannot be paid out twice at the same venue on the same night.

Example 2:
The same venue can pay out the Quad Aces, Straight Flush and Royal Flush Jackpot on the same night.

Example 3:
The Royal Flush $3000 Jackpot went off at 7.30pm at The Blackbutt Hotel. 30 mins later a player got a Royal Flush at the MEX Club, the 2nd jackpot is not claimable as the $3000 Royal Flush Jackpot can only go off once per day.

Example 4:
As unlikely as it seems if there is 2 Straight Flushes in the same hand, the $150 straight flush payment is split between the 2, the better straight flush is not the sole winner. The same applies if it is proven that a Royal Flush happened in the same minute between 2 venues then the Royal Jackpot is split between the 2 venue winners (halving the jackpot between each winner).

Any player wishing to claim a Jackpot must have paid for this $5 option and show two (2) hole cards along with the board cards to demonstrate their right to claim. A jackpot claim can be made at any point during a hand where the player identifies that they have: Royal Flush, Straight Flush or Quad Aces. The TD must be called over immediately to verify. Fixed amounts are paid for quad aces ($75) and Straight Flush ($150). A Royal Flush claims the jackpot at current advertised amount (minimum of $3000). The Royal Flush jackpot can only be claimed once per day (cannot be claimed at multiple venues on the same day, only the first claimed will be eligible for the Royal Jackpot on that day.

Where possible quad aces and straight flush jackpots are paid in cash at the time they are claimed. If not possible, the players bank details are obtained and a bank transfer is provided. For all Royal Flush Jackpots the player is paid by bank transfer.

Currently our three participating venues are;
The Blackbutt Hotel – 80 Orchardtown Rd, New Lambton NSW 2305
The MEX Club Mayfield – 58 Hanbury St, Mayfield NSW 2304
Central Charlestown Leagues – 8 Bula St, Charlestown NSW 2290

The Royal Jackpot promo is for only these 3 venues and only during the nightly games and any one off special events (including multi flight events). It is “NOT” included during a major Series such as the Kingdom Championships.
No other venue at present is part of the Kings Royal Jackpot.

If you do not pay the optional $5 to enter the Royal Jackpot, then you have not entered the draw. Remember two (2) hole cards must be used to be eligible and it all starts after the 4th hand (new tables opened will also be after the 4th hand on that table).

* please note – if a player is suspected of cheating and this is proven, the jackpot will not be payable and a life ban will be enforced.